About Us

Mission Statement:

Domain Codex strives to provide domain intelligence to fit your workflow.


We were upset by the limitations involved in getting vital information for domain intelligence research- so we set off on our mission to provide domain intelligence in a simple to use platform. Not for one domain but for all the root domains on the Internet. We did it!! Crawled the web and created our own proprietary database of 300,000,000+ domains and made it available for you! to search for domain intelligence based on any combination of over 25 filters. We took it one step further and allow you to use our search tool in real time using live search. Our overall goal is to do the tedious work so that you can do what you do best.

Limitations & issues in currently existing resources:

Search engines provide website search but not specifically root domain and accompanying data points.
Many tools out there only gather one type of data and don’t provide a comprehensive view across domains.

Value provided:

We lower human labor costs with using one tool rather than many. We save you in-house development, storage, and debugging costs over time


Our tool can be used for one-off or manual research via a convenient web interface.
Livescan can be used to get the most realtime current information when necessary via web interface.
Easy API integration with any current systems- All major data output formats are supported to make it extremely easy to integrate our data with any current external systems.

Use Cases:

  • Private Investigation research
  • Legal & case research
  • IP & Digital piracy/counterfeit protection
  • Confidential/sensitive data
  • Personal and Corporate reputation management data
  • Brand abuse protection
  • Geospatial/geolocation data applications

We welcome your use cases and feedback to create a better product.